Adult Medical

Adult Medical Services
  • Preventative Health Services.
  • Physicals. Annual physicals, D.O.T. and other work physicals.
  • Same-day Sick Visits.
  • Management of Chronic Medical Disorders:
Cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol.
Pulmonary (lung), including asthma, COPD or emphysem, pulmonary emboli (blood clots).
Endocrine Disorders (hormone), including diabetes, thyroid disease, PCOS.
Gastrointestinal (stomach / intestines), including GERD, constipation, chronic diarrhea, digestion problems, diverticulosis or diverticulitis.
Genitourinary (genitalia and bladder), including urinary tract infections, enlarged prostate, overactive bladder.
Ear, nose, and throat, including allergies, sinus problems, ear infections.
  • Wellcare for Women, including family planning, contraceptive management, menopause, routine gynecologic procedures including Pap smears and mammograms, and other.
  • Men’s Health Care, including cardiac risk assessment, erectile dysfunction, and other.
  • Behavioral Health, including anxiety, depression, relational issues, and other.
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management.